Bridgid McLean is an Australian artist. Born in New South Wales in 1946. A painter and sculptor, her work is represented in the Australian National Gallery, the Art Gallery of NSW, and institutional and regional collections such as Watters Gallery.

This collection of Bridgid’s work is owned by myself, Craig Brown. The collection was inherited from my beloved grandmother Peggy Nygewetc who was also a talented artist and painter, but that’s another post to come… Peggy was very good friends with Bridgid and her mother Beth. Peggy collected many of Bridgid’s works over the years, and here are photos of my entire collection including many Christmas cards that were mostly hand drawn and show amazing detail and generosity of spirit, not to mention an incredible imagination.

Bridgid’s work will also be able to be seen at the upcoming exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW called “Pop to Popism” which runs from 1st of November 2014 to 1st of March 2015.



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