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Culinary designs ~ designing for Campsie Food Festival in Sydney

This was a fantastic design project that got all my taste buds imagining branding concepts.
Campsie Food Festival is a local event where you get to explore all kinds of different culinary delights as well as enjoy cooking demonstrations. See the Campsie Food Festival website here. As a former resident of the area I was already soaked in design inspiration having attended the event, but also learned more in depth information about the demographics and target audience at a client briefing.
I started by imagining branding elements working together with tag lines.



After round one of designs, the client indicated some styles they liked and made suggestions for some new ideas. Our client liked the idea of smoke coming from the bowl, so we tried several variations of smoke and style that would suit smoke.

Campsie-Food-Festival~Logo-ideas-#2-2 Campsie-Food-Festival~Logo-ideas-#2-3 Campsie-Food-Festival~Logo-ideas-#2-5 Campsie-Food-Festival~Logo-ideas-#2-6 Campsie-Food-Festival~Logo-ideas-#2-7 Campsie-Food-Festival~Logo-ideas-#2-9 Campsie-Food-Festival~Logo-ideas-#2-10 Campsie-Food-Festival~Logo-ideas-#2-11

This brought us to a new round of designs where we refined our favourites again.

Campsie-Food-Festival~Logo-ideas-#3-2 Campsie-Food-Festival~Logo-ideas-#3-3

And one more round of ideas, just to make sure there weren’t other styles we would like better…

Campsie-Food-Festival~Logo-ideas-#4-2 Campsie-Food-Festival~Logo-ideas-#4-3 Campsie-Food-Festival~Logo-ideas-#4-4

At which point we arrived at our destination! We provided the following graphic elements for the event’s branding.

Campsie-Food-Festival-~-Square-1 Campsie-Food-Festival-~-Square-2 Campsie-Food-Festival-poster-1 Campsie-Food-Festival-poster-2 Campsie-Food-Festival-Tshirt Campsie-Food-Festival~logo-design-pack-2

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