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Design-Kink photos getting noticed

By June 16, 2014Photography

The iStockphoto administrators have determined that our files are commercially and technically ready for, one of the web’s premier photo libraries.
We’re very excited and to celebrate are featuring some of our favourite photos we’ve taken.

Coffee Roasting Factory

Grand Cru Coffee
This photo is of a huge coffee roasting machine. I took this photo for Grand Cru Coffee whose website I designed.

A Door

A Door

This photo was taken on long exposure inside a dark room, the only light coming from a sealed door. I used my hands to rotate the camera during exposure.

The Bridge

The Bridge
Using the same trick as above, this time it’s the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Vivid 2014 installation

Vivid 2014 installation
Here’s a photo I took at Vivid 2014, to see some more have a look at my Vivid 2014 photo album on Flickr.

Campsie Food Festival 2014

Campsie Food Festival 2014
Here’s a photo I took at the Campsie Food Festival 2014, to see some more have a look at Campsie Food Festival 2014 photos.

Abandoned Places

The succulents take over! I’ve always been fascinated by abandoned places. Places that no longer serve their original purpose or where nature has taken over. See more in my abandoned photos album.


As you probably know, Instagram is like a Polaroid camera on the web, the format is square like a Polaroid, and it has many inbuilt photo effects and filters. Check out my Instagram album here.

Artsy photos on Behance

Travels in Texture
Have a look at some of my artsy-creative work on Behance.

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