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Spooky Music-Video just in time for Halloween

By October 17, 2011March 17th, 2014Art, Graphic Design, Music, Video

My new animation I created at Metro Screen as part of my Cert IV in VFX is now online ready to view.

No Time for Love from on Vimeo.

This is a music video called "No Time for Love" by the band Mark and Clarke.

This music video is directed and animated by Craig Brown. The production Supervisor is Cathy Vogan. It was produced with the assistance of Metro Screen as part of Craig's major assignment for his VFX course.

Software used includes After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Motion and Premier.

If you don’t know about Metro Screen already, they are a film and video school in Sydney that specialises in training and equipment hire, and also they are a hub for industry news, events and networking. I thoroughly recommend their services to anyone.

The software I used was mainly Adobe Illustrator to design the initial style in storyboards, then I used a lot of the flat graphics in the storyboards to create the 3-D layered effect in After Effects. I used the greenscreen at Metro Screen to shoot the video footage and composited that into the animation to create the music video. The bats were animated using the particle system in Motion, it was just easier at the time and I wanted to use a range of software to develop my skills.

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