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The process of AGE

By March 17, 2014May 23rd, 2014Graphic Design, Print Design, Typography

The process of designing a logo and branding for AGE began when the company was called AGCE.

I started by reviewing some typeface that might look good with those letters after considering the brand requirement was for a modern entertainment booking group.

AGCE Group typefaces

I also wanted to consider how the logo might look if it were animated.




By round two of the design process, I was exploring the use of circle and triangle, and trying to refine and minimalist the design while still communicating the letter forms of AGCE in the design.

AGCE-Group-Logo-2 AGCE-Logo-2-02 AGCE-Logo-2-03 AGCE-Logo-2-04 AGCE-Logo-2-05 AGCE-Logo-2-06 AGCE-Logo-2-07 AGCE-Logo-2-09


By round 3 of the design process, the client wanted to explore a tailored-look, a badge-emblem with a hand-crafted stitched look.

AGCE-Group-Logo-3 AGCE-Logo-final-1





By round four of the design process, the client changed the company name to AGE and purchased new URLs.

This was like a breathe of fresh air. The acronym AGE was so much more inspiring to design for.

AGCE-Logo-4-01 AGCE-Logo-4-02 AGCE-Logo-4-03 AGCE-Logo-4-04 AGCE-Logo-4-05 AGCE-Logo-4-06 AGCE-Logo-4-07 AGCE-Logo-4-final

By round five of the process of AGE design, the client decided upon a logo they liked.

AGE-favicon AGE-logoAGE-logo-K


So we could then begin thinking more about business card designs and then built there website.

AGE-Business-back-yellow-2 AGE-Business-back-yellow AGE-Hot-Foil AGE-Leather-Stamp AGE-stationery-mockup AGE-Business-Card-1 AGE-Business-Card-2

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